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About LEEP Calendar

Introducing LEEP—the curated professional's tool for informed planning and strategic insight into what is happening. LEEP, which stands for "Lewis' Event, Editorial & Promotional" Calendar, is the brainchild of our founder, LD Lewis. Our parent entity, Jubilee LLC, is incorporated in the vibrant city of Cheyenne, Wyoming, USA.

Journey with us.

Imagine a consolidated online repository where over 10,000 annual global events, anniversaries, significant holidays, industry promotions, festivals, conferences, trade shows, and more converge. That's LEEP. It's designed as the ultimate toolkit for event, media, and marketing professionals to effectively highlight products, services, and causes or simply to find a timely reason to engage audiences.

Our data spectrum is vast and varied. We curate events from prestigious sources, including the United States Congress, United Kingdom, Canadian, Australian Parliaments, and reputable institutions like The United Nations. Each event is manually researched, verified, and entered into the calendar upon verification of its authenticity and who is behind it. We do not rely on other calendar sites on the web for research. Instead, we scan news articles, releases, current events, organizational sites, and historical reference materials to identify LEEP events. Upon our launch during the fall of 2023, event champions also submit events, which must be approved before being added to LEEP Calendar. To do so requires a LEEP Champion subscription and a nominal fee for each event. For more details, see the LEEP Champion Membership.

So much to discover!

The utility of LEEP Calendar is multifaceted. It's an indispensable asset for news publishers, marketers, retailers, and SEO strategists, offering insights on timely topics, product release timings, and keyword planning. Event planners also find it invaluable for its foresight, ensuring they stay consistent with major cultural and religious milestones and use it for ideas. LEEP has a lot of ideas and examples of successful events the world over. With LEEP's international orientation, you can gain comprehensive insights into global happenings.

At its core, LEEP is about fostering innovation and enlightening strategy.

However, a note of caution: Our world is dynamic, and so is LEEP. Approximately five percent of our calendar dates are estimated or might change due to unforeseen factors, from weather disruptions to last-minute decisions by institutions. It's always advisable to check with the organization behind the event before planning a trip around it or allocating resources to it.

Thank you for sharing your time with LEEP, where information meets strategy, and the world connects.


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