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Category: Africa and the African Continent Events, awareness days, holidays, and promotions related to Africa that highlight or take place in African na.
Alcohol Tobacco & Drugs

Alcohol Tobacco & Drugs

Category: Alcohol, Tobacco & Drugs Events Events, awareness days, holidays, and promotions related to, serving or containing alcohol, tobacco, or drugs .
Animals Fish Insect & Birds

Animals Fish Insect & Birds

Category: Animals, Insects, Birds, Fish & Reptiles Events celebrating or highlighting animals, fish, insects, birds, reptiles, and other forms of non-p.


Category: Anniversaries & Historic Events Events, awareness days, holidays, and promotions related to historical anniversaries. This category covers .


Category: Australia, New Zealand, Oceana, Antarctica, and the South Pacific Events celebrating, occurring in, or highlighting Australia, New Zealand, .


Events this week marking historical


About the Muslim Tradition of Hajj

Hajj (M)(SA): June 14-19

Dhu al-Hijjah is the 12th and last month in the Islamic Calendar, the final of four sacred months, and the month of Hajj. Performing Hajj occurs between th...
About National Hermit Week

Hermit Week, Ntl.: June 13-20

Created in 1996, National Hermit Week is your excuse to cocoon and be alone if you want to be. Use the time for reflection, exploration, learning, or whate...
About Nursing Assistants and Direct Care Workers Week

Nursing Assistants and Direct Care Workers Week, Ntl.: June 13-20

Nursing assistants play a key role in the lives of the people in their care; each nursing assistant is called to create an environment of caring for the re...



Key events, holidays and trends in January 2024

Welcome to 2024! I don't know about you, but the years keep going faster. Let's head into a new one. General themes for January include winter sports...


Why your children will thank you one day if you persuade them to stick it out.

THE GIFT OF MATH Why your children will thank you one day if you persuade them to stick it out.By LD Lewis  I remember sitting next to my Dad...


June 2024 Gems

  June's Gems Welcome to June. School is out, fun is in, and business tends to slow down for the next three months. Another June th...

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