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May I speak with you as a journalist, editor, and writer?

I created LEEP (Lewis Event Editorial Promotional) Calendar out of necessity. In 2010 I owned a publication that focused on couplehood and provided content to stimulate all eight levels of intimacy. We had 27 writers and experts on staff, which required a coordinated effort in assigning stories. In creating the editorial calendar for the following year, I spent over four months looking for events, holidays, and awareness campaigns I could use to create topical information that blended with current events. Creating that editorial calendar was a nightmare and a time suck.


If you’ve ever had to create an editorial calendar and searched the internet and traditional sources for event information, you know what a pain it is. Half of the descriptions for events on various aggregators lack research or are cut and pasted from other sites, many with glaring errors. About 15 percent are attributed to the wrong nation. Significantly few aggregators included practical information like who the champion is, a source URL, or additional resources to get you started on your research for articles. Frankly, you’re left with more questions than answers. Who was behind the event? Is it an actual event or made up? Why did one source say it was on one day, and another says it was another? Which year is the posted date attributed to? Why can’t you simply view events based on your keywords, time parameters, or location—and why are the bloody date and contact information so hard to find on the event champion’s site when you finally identify the organization!?!

The whole process is insane.


LEEP is built to make your job easier, stimulate ideas, provide a jumping-off point for stories, and give you something fresh when writer’s block invades. We took on the frustration, so you don’t have to. Each event includes up to 57 fields of information, and the calendar is segmented into over 70 categories, ensuring you find what you need fast. It includes a source link for every event with event champion information safely behind the paywall so bots and bad actors don’t abuse it. We’ve even included who posted the information, as noted in the “event manager” entry at the bottom of each event.

My goal is to make LEEP an invaluable tool for information disseminators and producers. Sure, we’ll have our growing pains and issues when we launch. We’ll get there. The calendar’s content is the key, and I’ve spent twelve years researching and building this application. My promise to you is to continually improve this calendar to create the most accurate, time-saving, idea-generating tool available to assist you. LEEP is for you, the intrepid reporter, the dedicated blogger, the podcaster, and the journalist. After all, you are the writers and orators of history’s future, and I am so glad you’re here!

Welcome to LEEP.
LD Lewis

Narrow Events to Your Beat and Audience

With over 70 categories, LEEP includes several explicitly devoted to the needs of journalists and bloggers covering a specific beat, including:

  • Industry-specific categories include Health, Legal, Food, Retail, Finance, Tourism, Education, and Real Estate.

  • Anniversaries covering thousands of historical anniversaries throughout the year.

  • Specialized categories for Media, Music, Science & Mathematics, Technology, Politics, Lifestyle, Environment, Human Rights, and Sports

  • Interest categories include Hobbies, Culture, Silly Events, Entertainment, and Romance & Sexuality.

  • Demographic-focused categories include Women, Men, Children, Seniors, LGBTQ+, Family & Friends, and individual nations.

Find events quickly based on the industry, customer category, or readership market. We’ve included all the major and minor religious holidays for the Christian, Islam, Hindu, Buddhism, Sikh, and Jewish faiths. You’ll always know when a religious observance is and how your audience celebrates it. We’ve even included events for other faiths under “other religious observances.” We’ve got you covered!

Know Who is Behind the Event

The intelligence available through the contact listings of event champions (which requires a paid subscription to access) is unique to LEEP. See which companies and organizations sponsor events. We’ve included the organization’s name, address, phone, and email contact, specifically press contacts, when available. We’ve also included the contact information link, giving you access to the event’s most current contact information at the source. As a journalist, you’ll be able to see who the primary organization championing the event is and save time in contacting them for more details.

Getting an Event Listed on LEEP

Media organizations sponsor a lot of events, and LEEP can help you get the word out and market them. All events, awareness days, promotions, fundraisers, conferences, trade shows, festivals, and other happenings start with an idea. Do you have an idea for an event, awareness day, promotion, or fundraiser you’d like to get the word out about? Start with LEEP. Here’s what it takes to get an event on LEEP or become the administrator of an event that already exists.

How to Get an Event on LEEP Calendar

LEEP, The Professional’s Trusted Calendar Source

LEEP Calendar's data comes from an extensive list of trusted sources, including national governments, the United Nations, various professional organizations, non-profits, NGOs, news outlets, cultural customs, and more.

We don’t use other calendar sites. Rather, we manually research and verify each event, letting you know if it is official, who is behind it, and where and when it occurs. While dates are subject to change, LEEP remains your most reliable source of upcoming events and observances. It's like having a crystal ball, but 1000 times more reliable.

Stay ahead of the curve and turn every day into an opportunity. Subscribe and open your world to the full power of LEEP Calendar today.


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