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Command the Marketplace and Maximize the Impact of Your Marketing with LEEP

Ever found yourself wishing you had known about a significant day, week, or month that could have amplified your business impact? With LEEP Calendar, you'll never miss such opportunities again.

LEEP For Executives & Business Owners

Generate more revenue by planning product launches around related events for increased press coverage.

Plan your advertising and promotional strategies to coincide with relevant events and heighten public interest.

Use LEEP as a powerful networking tool to form strategic alliances with complementary companies currently championing events.

Discover new markets, products, and opportunities based on the array of events in LEEP's database.

Target Your Market or Industry in Seconds

With over 70 categories, LEEP includes several explicitly devoted to the needs of business owners and executives, including:

  • Industry-specific categories include Health, Legal, Food, Alcohol, Retail, Finance, Tourism, and Real Estate.

  • Anniversaries covering thousands of historical anniversaries throughout the year.

  • Specialized categories for Science & Mathematics, Technology, Entertainment, and Sports.

  • Demographic-focused categories include Women, Men, Children, Seniors, LGBTQ+, and individual nations.

Find events quickly based on your audience, industry, customer category, or complementary industries.

We’ve included all the major and minor religious holidays for the Christian, Islam, Hindu, Buddhism, Sikh, and Jewish faiths. You’ll always know when your employees are observing, how to support them, and the significance behind the event. We’ve even included events for other faiths under “other religious observances.” We’ve got you covered!

Identify Partners, Opportunities, and Collect Valuable Competitive Intelligence

Then there is the intelligence available through the contact listings of event champions (requires a subscription to access). See which companies and organizations sponsor events. Find new partners and opportunities to promote your product and see what others in your industry are doing. Are you planning an event? LEEP is the best way to see if you’re competing with other events, avoid religious holidays that will impact attendance, and discover if there is an event you could sponsor. LEEP is full of ideas. Need one? LEEP has thousands of ideas. Create a new one or emulate successful events, fundraisers, and promotions elsewhere.

Getting Your Event Listed on LEEP

All events, awareness days, promotions, fundraisers, conferences, trade shows, festivals, and other happenings start with an idea. Do you have an idea for an event, an awareness day, promotion, or fundraiser you’d like to get the word out about? Start with LEEP. Here’s what it takes to get an event on LEEP or become the administrator of an event that already exists.

How to Get an Event on LEEP Calendar

LEEP, The Professional’s Trusted Calendar Source

LEEP Calendar's data comes from an extensive list of trusted sources, including national governments, the United Nations, various professional organizations, non-profits, NGOs, news outlets, cultural customs, and more.

We don’t use other calendar sites. Rather, we manually research and verify each event, letting you know if it is official, who is behind it, and where and when it occurs. While dates are subject to change, LEEP remains your most reliable source of upcoming events and observances. It's like having a crystal ball, but 1000 times more reliable.

Stay ahead of the curve and turn every day into an opportunity. Subscribe and open your world to the full power of LEEP Calendar today.

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