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Events In April 2024

Database of events, awareness days, holidays, and promotions occurring in April of this year.


April, the fourth month of the year, is named after the Latin word "aperture" meaning "to open." Its name symbolizes spring's awakening in the Northern Hemisphere. Historically, the Romans dedicated this month to Venus, the goddess of love and beauty, and its Anglo-Saxon name, "Eastermonad," reflects festivals celebrating rebirth and fertility.


April 1-19 fall under the fire sign Aries. April 20-30 are under the earth sign of Taurus.


April’s birthstone, diamonds, symbolizes enduring strength. The Greeks considered diamonds the tears of the gods. This clear gemstone, one of the hardest substances on earth, served as an amulet to bring courage and invincibility in battle, a belief that even influenced medieval kings


April's flowers include the daisy and sweet pea, each with their own folklore. Daisies, with their simple yet elegant petals, are symbols of purity and innocence. In Roman mythology, the nymph Belides transformed into a daisy to escape unwanted attention, forever linking the flower to protective qualities. Sweet peas, favored for their delicate fragrance, brought blissful pleasure and were traditionally used in farewell bouquets to express good wishes


Folk legends of April embrace growth and renewal. One such legend is the story of the "April Fish" in France, where paper fish are playfully attached to people's backs as a trick, symbolizing a young, easily caught fish and the gullibility of people.

April's weather folklore, "April showers bring May flowers," highlights the month's transitional nature. This saying, with variants in various cultures, reflects the balance of rain and growth, essential for the spring's renewal.


Due to the dynamic nature of events, the full database for next year will be uploaded in September. To search for a previous year’s events or next year’s events after September, log in to your LEEP membership and use the Advanced Search console.

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Example: Donkey welfare Day (KE): May 17

Translation: "Donkey Welfare Day is observed in Kenya on May 17 this year".

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