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For the current year, this month includes: 444 events.

Events In August 2024

Database of events, awareness days, holidays, and promotions occurring in August of this year.


August, the eighth month of the Gregorian calendar (established in 1582 with Pope Gregory XIII), holds a venerable place in history. Its name is derived from Augustus Caesar, the first Roman emperor, with the adjective "august" when not capitalized, meaning maturity, wisdom, dignity, and impressive, akin to the emperor's esteemed status.

Originally named Sextilis in the Roman calendar, as it was the sixth month, August received its new name in 8 BC in honor of Augustus, who achieved several significant victories during this month.


August 1-22 fall under the fire sign Leo. August 23-31 are under the earth sign of Virgo.


The birthstones of August are peridot and sardonyx. Peridot, with its signature lime green color, is believed to bring good health, restful sleep, and peace to relationships by balancing emotions and mind. This ancient gemstone has mystical properties and is sometimes called the "evening emerald" for its light green glow at night. Sardonyx, a lesser-known stone, combines layers of sard and onyx to create a reddish zebra-striped gem with white bands, believed to bring courage, happiness, and clear communication to its wearer


The flowers of August are the gladiolus and the poppy. Gladiolus, named after the Latin word "gladius," meaning sword, symbolizes strength of character, faithfulness, and honor. The poppy, with its vivid red petals, is often associated with remembrance and the consolation of sleep, which ties back to the flower's use as a source of opium.


Folk legends in August often focus on the end of summer and the impending harvest. For instance, in many European cultures, the first sheaf of wheat harvested in August was often treated with rituals and respect, believed to house the spirit of the crop. Another legend is the celebration of Lammas Day on August 1st, a traditional harvest festival marking the beginning of the harvest season

August marks a time of transition from the peak of summer towards the abundance of autumn, embodying the qualities of its namesake through its historical and cultural significance.


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Translation: "Donkey Welfare Day is observed in Kenya on May 17 this year".

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