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Engage Your Students with LEEP Calendar

Have you ever found yourself wishing you had known about a significant day, week, or month that could have made your lesson plan more engaging? With LEEP Calendar, you'll never miss such opportunities again.

With over 70 categories, LEEP includes several explicitly devoted to the needs of teachers, including—

  • Education with hundreds of events focused on teaching, learning, academia, and your profession.

  • Anniversaries covering thousands of historical anniversaries throughout the year.

  • Culture focusing on the arts, language, nationalities, foods, and other influences

  • Specialized categories for Science & Mathematics, Technology, Books, and Music.

  • A whole category of events focused on Children.

And, of course, we’ve included all the major and minor religious holidays for the Christian, Islam, Hindu, Buddhism, Sikh, and Jewish faiths, so you’ll always know when your students are observing, how to support them, and the significance behind the event. We’ve even included events for other faiths under “other religious observances.” We’ve got you covered!

We’ve done the work for you, so you’ll always have something timely, intriguing, and new to discuss with your students any day of the week right at your fingertips.

LEEP For Educators

  1. Enrich history lessons with significant events marked in the calendar.

  2. Foster creativity in your students by engaging with unique days such as 'Do a Grouch a Favor Day' or 'Random Acts of Kindness Day.'

  3. Spark curiosity and global awareness with days like 'International Literacy Day' and 'World Indigenous Peoples Day.'

  4. Explore different cultures and traditions and bring diversity into your classroom.

LEEP, A Teacher’s Trusted Calendar Source

LEEP Calendar's data comes from an extensive list of trusted sources, including national governments, the United Nations, various professional organizations, non-profits, NGOs, news outlets, cultural customs, and more.

We don’t use other calendar sites. Rather, we manually research and verify each event, letting you know if it is official, who is behind it, and where and when it occurs. While dates are subject to change, LEEP remains your most reliable source of upcoming events and observances. It's like having a crystal ball, but 1000 times more reliable.

Stay ahead of the curve and turn every day into an opportunity. Subscribe and open your world to the full power of LEEP Calendar today.

Getting Your Event Listed on LEEP

All events, awareness days, promotions, fundraisers, conferences, trade shows, festivals, and other happenings start with an idea. Do you have an idea for an event, an awareness day, promotion, or fundraiser you’d like to get the word out about? Start with LEEP. Here’s what it takes to get an event on LEEP or become the administrator of an event that already exists.

How to Get an Event on LEEP Calendar


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